About Open Arms

The mission of Open Arms Village is to combat homelessness by providing transitional housing to homeless men and supportive services to equip them to become independent, productive members of the community.

Open Arms Village provides shelter and support services to single men, the largest homeless population in Marion County and the population that struggles the most to find assistance. The time spent here will extend time spent sober, improve psychiatric symptoms and reduce the likeliness of future costs to the hospitals and legal system.

Our Story

Responding to the needs of those suffering from extreme poverty, substance abuse and release from institutions, Open Arms Village is on a mission to change the lives of homeless individuals in Marion County. The parishioners at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church agreed to open the doors to their facility, allowing us to provide the basic need of shelter and welcome those who desire to work toward self-sufficiency. Open Arms Village is a local non-profit focused on preventing homelessness and restoring dignity to those who find themselves in this desperate situation.

Open Arms Village is more than a shelter. It’s a restoration program. Through collaboration with other local agencies and ministries the program includes many vital services to our residents. Residents are carefully screened to determine their desire and their willingness to do what it takes to become self-sufficient. They receive case management and other supportive services to help them overcome the challenges that keep them homeless. Most importantly, Open Arms Village focuses on the restoration of dignity and self-worth in residents by empowering them with responsibilities and duties within the program.

Open Arms Village desires to give hope and restoration to single men who have nowhere else to turn. With the help and partnerships of others in the community, we can end homelessness one person at a time.

It Takes A Village

We are very grateful for the support from both our Board of Directors and our Community Partners!

Our Staff

Dennis Grundy

Director of Program Services

Davieoyn Hopson

Director of Behavioral Health

James Horn

Resident Night Manager

Board of Directors

Mark Imes

Board Chair

Victor Musleh

Board Member

June Edwards

Board Member

Harvey Vandevan

Board Member

Betti Jefferson

Board Member

Karla Greenway

Board Member

Kent Guinn

Board Member

Michael Beck

Board Member

Jill Beck

Board Member

Beau Broker

Board Member

Scot Quintel

Board Member

Rodger Paz

Board Member, OAV Graduate